Exploring Edmonton - Travel Alberta

I recently got to return to Edmonton with Travel Alberta, this time the snow had melted and summer was in full force. Hot weather, colourful street markets, local shopping and a whole lot of bourbon. It was a good trip.

Iconoclast Koffiehuis: Located in a warehouse, Iconoclast Koffiehuis are all about sourcing and roasting good coffee. Not much more is needed to say. 

City Market: Filled with live music, loads of people, farm-fresh produce, locally raised meats, arts and crafts and pretty much everything else you can think of. Support local and check out the market.

Habitat Etc: Habitat Etc aims to provide unique, local, handmade, high quality and artisanal products. We need more stores like this.

Cafe Mosaics: Always learning, adapting, evolving and experimenting, Cafe Mosaics is an earth conscious, vegetarian/vegan resturant. To quote their site "We like to think our food and drinks are pretty awesome." I would have to agree.

Woodwork: I sat down at the bar and didn't move for a few hours. The bartenders know their stuff and mixed up some of the best drinks I have ever ingested. When I finally got up I had to sit back down and that's not a bad thing. I also heard they have good food.