Weekend in Calgary - Travel Alberta

Recently I got to spend the weekend exploring my home town, Calgary, as if I were a tourist. It's nice to take a step back and appreciate all that your own city has to offer with a fresh perspective. 

Plant - Located in Inglewood, Plant believes that everyone could bring a little more of the outside in and I can get behind that.  Created right in the shop, Plant brings their creations to you in a beautiful and contemporary way.

The Livery Shop - The work shop and retail outpost of the two coolest brands in Calgary, Camp Brand Goods and CoutuKitsch. Just go check it out right now. Seriously.

charbar - charbar is Calgary’s newest edition to the culinary scene. charbar offers a unique and new flavour by honouring the wood-fired grilling tradition of Argentina and the culinary inspirations of Spain and Italy. 

Phil & Sebastian - Sharing the Simmons building with charbar, Phil & Sebastian passionately sources, roasts, and brews coffee in Calgary and with partner cafes across Canada. Currently my favorite cappuccino in Calgary.

Sidewalk Citizen Bakery - "Extraordinary organic artisan sourdoughs, flaky lush pastries, titillating desserts, joyous, bright bold food." This is the description of their baked goods on their site and as if you aren't wanting it now.

Village Ice Cream - Their ice cream is crafted, batch by batch, in Calgary using local and seasonal ingredients. Each scoop is probably around 2000 calories but I really don't care.