Photo by Adrienne Pitts

Hi. My name is Chris Amat, I am a photographer based in Calgary, Alberta. I shoot a range of subjects, from portraiture to travel experiences and everything in between. I picked up my first camera three years ago as an extension to my creative toolset. Previously I had spent the majority of my career in the advertising industry, concepting and executing campaigns for a wide-range of clients.

My passion is exposing the experiences and personalities that surround us everyday. What I bring to the surface is that which is often missed or left undiscovered, in a world where it’s more popular to talk than to truly listen.

It’s that unrecognized beauty that exists around every corner that drives me to search out, to feel and to remain open to awe-inspiring moments - whenever they hit - so that I can share what I uncover with those who can benefit from its inspiration. Because at the end of the day, that’s what photography is all about: the connection between subject and audience, where like minds and common interests are discovered, nurtured and celebrated.

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Select Clients include:
Tourism San Francisco
Travel Alberta
Canadian Tourism Commission
Free People
Roots Canada
Club Monaco
Dom Perignon
Evans Hunt
Stay & Wander
Transitions Lenses
The Globe and Mail
Canada Goose